Debbie Davis & The Mesmerizers

"Davis has a big, lush and wryly sultry voice, infused with intelligence and wit; the well-rehearsed Mesmerizers are a perfect setting for that gem. After logging so many dozens of hours as a live ensemble, they work together like surefooted dance partners, making the musical twirls and dips look easy."
- Allison Fensterstock, New Orleans Times Picayune


Debbie Davis and the Mesmerizers are pleased to announce upcoming performances at the 32nd annual French Quarter Festival on Saturday. April 11 and at Switzerland's Ascona Jazz Festival, June 30-July 5. Visit the calendar for more dates and information...

"Linger 'Til Dawn" available NOW!

Recorded at the legendary and now shuttered Piety Street Studio, this 13 song record spans nearly 90 years of songwriting and documents the next chapter in the Great American Songbook. Introducing The Mesmerizers  featuring the talents of Alex McMurray (guitar), Matt Perrine (sousaphone) Josh Paxton (piano) and Davis on vocals and ukulele.  Download MP3s below or buy CDs in the STORE. You can also find it at retailers like Fleurty Girl and Louisiana Music Factory.

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Linger til Dawn, MP3 Download

Linger 'Til Dawn (MP3 download)

by Debbie Davis and the Mesmerizers

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    Make Me a Present of You 03:51
  2. 2
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    I Wan'na Be Like You 03:47
  3. 3
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    Teach Me Tonight 04:21
  4. 4
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    Skylark 04:38
  5. 5
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    Winin Boy Blues - with Josh Paxton 04:22
  6. 6
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    Grits Ain't Groceries 04:40
  7. 7
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    Dream a Little Dream of Me - with Matt Perrine 02:57
  8. 8
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    After Hours 03:59
  9. 9
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    All God's Children Got Rhythm 02:26
  10. 10
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    Sunny Afternoon 04:35
  11. 11
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    If I Fell - with Alex McMurray 03:02
  12. 12
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    D'yer Maker 04:26
  13. 13
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    I Cover the Waterfront 04:00

French Quarter Festival 2013

Hot off the presses...

“Crescent City vocalist and ukulelist, Debbie Davis, tackles a range of classics on her second solo release, finding common ground between Great American Songbook standards and iconic 20th-century rock tunes by Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground and the The Kinks. Her tone in lucid and bright throughout, even as she mixes hushed restraint with an athletic workout on “Skylark”. When Davis strips down “D’yer Maker” to the lilting essentials it shares the ’50’s-era pop, she wraps coyly phrased lyrics around McMurray’s rocksteady-infused fretwork. On the soulful “I Wanna Be Like You”... Downbeat Magazine   Read more

"Debbie Davis stands out in the crowd of vocalists like a bird-of-paradise in a roomful of parakeets. Her voice is a magnificent, near-operatic instrument and her theatrical instincts are the stuff of Broadway musical-level performance.  When she takes the stage at Three Muses or d.b.a., one hand cocked saucily on her waist, the other brandishing a cocktail glass, she holds court with the authority of a Peggy Lee.  Linger Til Dawn is only her second solo effort and the first with her dedicated band, which supports her like a fancy bustier... - Offbeat Magazine   Read more

"Davis has a big, lush and wryly sultry voice, infused with intelligence and wit; the well-rehearsed Mesmerizers are a perfect setting for that gem. After logging so many dozens of hours as a live ensemble, they work together like surefooted dance partners, making the musical twirls and dips look easy... Every cut is surefooted, but none sounds overworked. It's there as well that Davis' skill and sensibility as an interpreter comes in. The baker's dozen songs that the Mesmerizers chose for the album split the difference between American songbook classics, vintage jazz and soul, but also arrangements of less-expected rock and pop. Those kinds of choices and what's done with them, for a jazz vocalist, are what separate the true songbirds from the parrots. Davis, spanning a hundred years of pop music, does so ably and with a sharp understanding of the bones of a song." - New Orleans Times Picayune   Read more


It's Not the Years, It's the Miles at d.b.a.

After Hours at Louisiana Music Factory

About the Mesmerizers

Alex McMurray


Josh Paxton


Matt Perrine

  • "Alex McMurray is the linchpin of one of the most vibrant music scenes in contemporary America: the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans." --Stereophile Magazine
  • “The most talented songwriter in New Orleans.” —Antigravity
  • “An Outstanding Songwriter” -Steve Hochmann 89.3 KPCC FM
  • “Tom Waits-ian pathos cut with a Big Easy sweetener.” —
  • “One of the best young songwriters in the country.” —Gambit Weekly
  • “He sees things we all see, but shows them in a new light.” —
  • “One of the best songwriters working today.” —OffBeat
  • "He's a wonderful pianist." --Bonnie Raitt
  • "Smokin', with a great range of styles." --Bruce Hornsby
  • "Man, that guy can play!" --Bill Payne (Little Feat)


  • "virtuoso sousaphone player" - Downbeat Magazine        
  • "sousaphone ace" - Jazz Times
  • "the amazing sousaphone master Matt Perrine." -  New England Public Radio
  • "It was a revelation that the mighty sousaphone could be played so dexterously." - Sydney Morning Herald
  • "Matt Perrine does things with the sousaphone that don't seem possible. This truism will probably go on his tombstone." - Gambit Weekly
  • "the incomparable Matt Perrine who plays his sousaphone as though it’s a trumpet" - Humid City, New Orleans The Underground Guide
  • "Perrine’s sousaphone playing is amazingly fluid, groovy and always harmonically interesting" - Jazz review
  • "With his playing, arranging and composing, he continues to raise the bar for traditional music" -  Offbeat Magazine
  • "Matt Perrine plays "Pick up the Pieces" on sousaphone in a way Weather Report probably never dreamed of." - Allmusic

My Darlin' New Orleans, HBO's Treme All Star Revue

Debbie Davis

"Davis, who also plays a mean ukulele, sings with a big, bluesy voice that soars over tunes like Paul Sanchez’s “Mexico” as if it might ascend into the stratosphere." - Downbeat Magazine

"Debbie Davis is generally recognized as possessing one of the most beautiful voices in a city filled with talented singers. Her warm, full voice illuminates the nooks and crannies of these songs with an emotional resonance that reminds listeners of such mistresses of restrained passion as Astrud Gilberto and Betty Carter. She’s also capable of letting that big voice carry her into mainstream pop territory, where her saucy delivery is more reminiscent of numerous big band vocalists and the great Cass Elliot. ...Davis has a genius for revealing hidden nuances of well-known songs. Every gesture is priceless." - Offbeat Magazine

"Long overdue solo masterpiece." - Offbeat Magazine

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